Weather could plague Sunday’s NASCAR race at Chicagoland


Weather at 1:18 pm CST in Joliet, IL

NASCAR hopeful of 10 pm ET/9pm CT restart

Rain has been a major factor for today’s Geico 400 NASCAR Sprint Cup series race at Chicagoland Speedway in Joliet, IL. Rain has been intermittent through out the day and a large storm cell is moving towards the track.

The photo above is Joliet currently.  The storm does continue to move East, so check back as we update you on today’s weather info for the NASCAR race at Chicagoland,


If NASCAR is willing to wait, it looks like rain should be ending around 6:00 pm CST as the storm continues to move East, and Chicagoland does have lights — so maybe a night race is in the future? Stay tuned for updates.