Clint Bowyer 5 Hour Energy Spoof Commercial

It didn’t take long for a fan to create a spoof commercial from yesterday’s happenings at the AdvoCare500. When Clint Bowyer went sprinting across the infield – we were all thinking it. Did Bowyer down a 5-Hour Energy beforehand? A fan posted this video on YouTube, and its worth a watch. Very funny.


Did you miss on on the excitement of yesterday’s race? See the results here, watch the fight breakout here, and see Bowyer’s thoughts here.


  1. so nascar is not all candyass drivers anymore…thank you jeff, clint, brad and kevin for showing the world the way nascar used to be…keep up the good work!!!

  2. Yeah thanks jeff for showing what a coward you really are… laying in wait with a 3300 lb car and sucker punching clint.. yeah your a real hero alright.. nascar should have sat him down for a couple of races …spinning someone during a race is a lot different than waiting two laps on the apron to wreck antother driver. Than he takes out joey…. I hope the fans show by letting the sponsor know what a moron the 24 driver is…. I hope clint takes jeff out on the first lap next week.. then things will be even…

  3. In my opinion nascar is not like it used to be. First we had to
    put up with the B&B boys, than we have to listen to the Michael
    Waltrip who thinks he knows something about racing, but perhaps should own a brewery, which I think he probably know more about. Much different than his brother Daryl.
    I think Jeff had a right to be mad, although he should have
    went to the officials and filed a complaint againt the ugly
    Clint Bowyer and his equally ugly partner in crime Keslowski..
    Maybe it’s time for Nascar to go backwards and quit trying to promote these escalating arguments.
    I don’t think the fans want to see someone get killed, or maybe they do.


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