Video: Jeff Gordon retaliates against Clint Bowyer, fight erupts at Phoenix

Clint Bowyer got into Jeff Gordon on lap 305 during the AdvoCare500 at Phoenix International Raceway — a few laps later, Gordon waited for Bowyer and retaliated against him. The No.24 and No.15 teams got into a fight in the garage.

After the fight was broken up, Bowyer went sprinting to the 24’s hauler… upon arriving he was met by NASCAR officials who stopped him from confronting Gordon.

No word if Bowyer downed a 5-Hour Energy before making the run at Gordon.

You can see what Bowyer, and Gordon had to say about the incident here.

Kevin Harvick survived all the drama and came out the winner. You can see the full race recap and results here.


  1. Gordon was just taking care of business. Nascar has taken passion out of racing and Gordon had enough. I know that other drivers would have done the same thing years ago.

  2. Kim, thats hardly taking care of business. Gordon showed no class and what a punk he really is. I hope Nascar has the stones to sit him down for the last race. That move by Gordon was dangerous and about the most unsportsmanlike conduct weve seen in a race. Crap like that should be handled behind the hauler, not at 100+mph, which also took out the #20 car. Gordon should seriously think about stepping out of the car for good if this is what he has been reduced to.

    • Bubba if you think that that is the “most unsportsmanlike conduct weve seen in a race” Im thinking you havent watched a lot of races.

      But I DO like how you say that “Gordon showed no class” and then later state that “Crap like that should be handled behind the hauler”.

      Yes cause thats “classy”

      Gordon did what he did cause he felt he had to, he’ll get fined or sat and Im sure hes good with that. As for you maybe you should stick to watching trains go by

  3. You can only disrespect a driver on the track so many times. Boyer had it coming. Let the chips fall where they may. If NASCAR says “Boys, have at it”; this is what you can expect. I’m on Jeff’s side on this. Michael Watrip is not innocent in all this either.

  4. Kim, how can you say Nascar has taken the passion out of racing. Things have changed, cars now cost $250K. This is not satruday night speedway anymore.. its just how the sport has evolved. If you want to see fights and wrecks, go to the local dirt track and enjoy yourself. Nascar is trying to protect the teams, drivers and equipment. Gordon lost his cool and caused three cars to be destroyed. His anger took out Logano and almost wrecked the points leader. I hope Nascar penalizes him accordingly and makes him watch next week from home on TV.

  5. Jeff had had enough! Clint has wrecked him multiple times and it was time for payback, personally, I was glad to see it happen!

  6. Ive been in stock car racing all my life, pitting, driving and now a fan. never has it been tolerated to do a move like Gordon did. Racing someone and spiining them is one thing, but laying in wait like he did has always been considered a cowards act. Gordon will pay in loss of respect from drivers and fans for this one. Time to hang up the helmet Jeff.

    • Jeff is no different then Stewart, Waltrip, Wallace, Marlin, Bodine, Busch, Robby Gordon, Kenseth, Johnson, Petty, and many more. So does that mean anyone that has ever taken a car out “like in the REAL NASCAR years ago” should be thrown out???? How did the “Intimadator” get his name?????? By doing what he had to… It was fine for him back then , It’s called racing. You’re all liers if you think for one minute that NO ONE HAS EVER TAKEN SOMEONE OUT BEFORE!!!! You people that want to change these sports need to leave them alone, that is why they are paid the way they are. The average person can’t just go out there and do these different sports!!!! Jeff is far from as you called him a PUSSY, YOU AREN’T A NASCAR RACER… HUGE DIFFERENCE FROM WHAT YOU DO…. YOU’RE JUST JEALOUS CUZ YOUR NOT GOOD ENOUGH!!! SO GROW UP!!!

    • “never has it been tolerated to do a move like Gordon did”


      Wow you REALLY havent watched alot of racing now have you?

      Yeah either youre BSing about being in stock race racing all your life or youre terribly naive

  7. The video caption I am reading says “Jeff Gordon retaliates”, however looking at this video it is CLEAR that the #15 {Bowyer} caught up to the #24 {Gordon} and cranked his wheel taking them both into the wall. I do not understand how this is being called on Gordon… Bowyer CLEARLY took out Gordon.

  8. Gordon is a pussy. He should be kicked out of NASCAR forever!!!! What he did is outrageous and Bowyer should be placed wher he would have finished. Gordon deserves to geet the crap kicked out of him, and my guess is that will happen when the timing is right. He had to hide behind his pit crew…what a pussy.

    • Bowyer deserved every last bit of that. Quit trying to drive past your limits and you won’t slide up into the 4 time champion who was giving plenty of room. Enough is enough. Let’s start calling him Danica Boywer. The glass slipper fits. Have another 5 hour energy Boywer Baby.

    • Wow over react much. If everyone who retaliated in this fashion was kicked outta Nascar youd be watching the National Knitting League every Sunday

      Give your head a shake

  9. screw all of you, i think what Gordon did was awesome. that will teach bowyer to stop testing his patience and pushing him around . when dale sr did it, it was awesome and now Gordon does it he should be suspended? bull sh!t. Jeff Gordon is one of the cleanest drivers in nascar, so bowyer brought this on himself! I’m on gordon’s side all day every day

  10. Mike, you are just plain wrong. At that point in the race for the cup to purposely take out a contender is BS. Gordon was black flagged and DID NOT leave the track. He waited for Bowyer and took him out. Jeffery is a PUSSY, pure and simple. I hope he gets really clocked for this one. As Tim Wilson sings, “Jeff Gordan is Gay”. Actually he is worse than that.


  11. King 24: I did spell it right on line 2. Hit the wrong button on line 4. OOPS. And you can F OFF. Say that to my face and you will not walk again. He was BLACK FLAGED and did leave the track. Did you see what Kaz had to say on ESPN after the race? Oh, the butt is off limits to everyone but my wife. F___ You.

  12. Watch the overhead view from the first contact. Boyer is holding his line and Gordon comes down on him initiating the contact. Let’s see if NASCAR has the guts to do the right thing and sit Gordon. Never happen.

  13. Kudos for Gordon! It was great to see the gauntlet thrown down! I really like Clint Bowyer, but I understand when enough is enough. I was too bad anyone else got taken out in the mess, but can’t take it back and they will both be penalized regardless for their tempers. Life goes on and so does racing.

  14. Whoa.. Shoot there still may be hope for NASCAR… This kinder/gentler mamby-pamby politically correct wuss-fest we’ve had to endure for years has all but killed the sport. Now don’t get me wrong, we don’t need the sport turning into some WWE re-hack.. but getting to see some of these boys taking care of business like they did back in the days of Cale and Donnie and Booby and Dale Sr….. I think it’s a good thing. Of course I’m speaking in generic terms – there are those who love Denny and those who love Jeff and y’all will have different opinions. Overall though.. “let the boys have at it” is what I think I heard the head f-tard running NASCAR into the ground say to the drivers…

  15. They’re all pussies. NASCAR drivers are not men. They’re pathetic 3/4 scale little men. Bower had to act like a man but he would have done no damage to Gordon, nor woud Goedon be much of a threat. It’s not like they’re athletes; hell, at least golfers walk.

  16. “Dirt track” I also at 14, pitted, went on to owning a team of 3 stock cars (driving one of them) season champ 1st yr, owned and raced sprints (season champ 5 of 7 yrs). I always let a driver know–if he continued driving like a fool, I would take him out. When, in the pits,i went after a driver, verbally assulting him, I never had to kick his butt. He knew I WOULD. Fans love it and it increases viewers. HAVE AT IT BOYS.

  17. Great race Mr. Jeff Gordon at Phoenix 500.Y’all get him at Homestead-Miami. As for Clint Boywer grow up dude your a Nascar Series Cup Race Car Driver, Gordon gave you the room,Clint you passed da man two tries below da yellow line, great you went hard into turn 3 and collected Mr.Gordon. Dude love your Toyota Racing Style, but y’all need to give da 24 a brake. Gee see you two women lovers next week.Go Team Chevy Go……Sorry Gordon for da undertaker’s tombstone move on you. Not gay, hope your fine, as well as for both teams of da 24 and 15 crews. You America’s are so funny. Hope Mr. France is in a Grand mood….Fireworks…..Lets go racing….Homestead opp for a Grand final……….Nascar how bad do you have it…


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