Anyone who eats, lives, and breathes sports is always on the search for new ways to stay at the top of their game. We are always interested in the latest ways that our favorite sport heroes are training and how we can incorporate these trends into our own fitness routines. No matter if you are a pro athlete, a semi-pro athlete, or just like to play on nights and weekends with friends and coworkers there are several ways to take your game to the next level.

If you take the time to find the best equipment and the best fitness routine for the sports you want to play plus add on an aggressive plan to prevent injuries you will be able to both create a community you can lean on and make sure that your sports games do not cause you any long term harm to your physical wellbeing. Playing sports is good for our bodies and our mental health.

Fitness Equipment:

Anyone who is into sports understands the importance of having high quality equipment. While equipment such as bats, balls or helmets are probably the first items to come to mind this is not where your understanding of equipment should end. Other types of equipment might include a CBD muscle recovery balm, Kinesio Tape, good quality socks or a well designed water bottle to help maintain hydration. If we want to perform our best we must consider the quality of all the products we use from top to bottom. While sometimes it might seem to make sense to get lower cost equipment in the end such equipment will not put you on the path to success. Do you have all the equipment you need to excel in your fitness journey?

Fitness Routine:

When it comes to fitness routines, everyone has one that they swear by. It is important to find a fitness routine that works for the particular sport or event you are training for. It is pretty clear that basketball workouts will look different from football workouts and nascar workouts, and all of these will look different from training for a marathon. One thing that all workouts should contain is a mix of cardio, strength training, and rest periods.

While we might be tempted to always push ourselves as hard as we can, if we are always running at 110% percent we will find we are more likely to end up burning out or getting injured. It is also important to make sure we have a good understanding of any fitness routine we try, which includes how to do each of the exercises, what kind of diet you should be keeping, and any additional comments. If we are trying a sport for the first time or for the first time in a long period of time it can be very useful to talk with a fitness coach to make sure we are on the right track.

Preventing Injuries:

There are many ways that we can prevent sports injuries including following the rules of the game, having the proper protective equipment, and scheduling a physical before the big game to make sure we are physically fit enough to play. We can also prevent injuries by maintaining proper nutrition, stretching, staying hydrated, and getting rest. While this might seem like a long list of requirements there is nothing worse for your playing than getting injured.

Think about how often players on your favorite sport teams get injured and are out for the rest of the season. Even if you are not a professional sports player, sports injuries can cause long term pain that should be avoided whenever possible. In order to keep sports fun it is important that we provide our bodies with the resources it needs in order to play at the highest levels it can. Our bodies are amazing machines but if we do not take care it is easy to tweak something and soon find that our whole system is not working in the way it was designed to. What steps are you going to take right now to make sure you have the equipment you need, the right fitness routine, and a plan to prevent injuries?