NASCAR the Game Cover announced

It’s finally happened, after over a month of waiting for NASCAR The Game to release who won their cover contest, we have an actual winner!

After a long promotion that you could vote for who you wanted to win… It came down to two finalist.

Fans were directed to the title’s Facebook page where they could cast their vote for either Kasey Kahne or Dale Earnhardt Jr.

With Kasey Kahne finding victory lane at Loudon he was looking to go for the “sweep” and be crowned with the color of the 2012 version of the game.

The contest which drew over 750,000 votes ended and everyone was thinking they would know the results shortly after when NASCAR The Game: Inside Lines hit us with another bullet. That they were tallying all votes and the winner would be announced in August.

That day has come and Your 2012 NASCAR The Game Cover winner is: Dale Earnhardt Jr.

It should be no surprise that the cover star is also the face of NASCAR.

When Earnhardt Jr. was asked about the game, he told USA TODAY Sports, “Even though I drive cars for a living, it’s fun to do it with a reset button…It’s definitely not foreign to me, and you can see me just as easily picking up a controller and playing. It’s comfortable and something I’ll be able to speak intelligently about if I was in a room full of gamers. I think it’s a good fit.”

Earnhardt Jr. will be the focus of their marketing campaign that will start next month promoting the games release.

The game is currently scheduled to be released midway through November. It is being created by Eutechnyx. The game will be based on the 2012 season featuring drivers and paint schemes that were released for the Daytona 500 run in February.

Jimmie Johnson was featured on the cover of last years release which came out in March.


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