What will happen at KHI for 2012?

The rumblings have been growing louder as the year has gone by. Changes would come at Kevin Harvick Inc but to what extent? With a never ending ring-around-the-rosy of sponsors on their Camping World Trucks and Nationwide Series cars it’s easy to see the team is struggling to find someone who will stay on the rides for the bulk of a season.

Times are changing and big ticket sponsors who can block out a full season are few and far between. The simple economics is a business cannot spend the millions of dollars it costs to sponsor 36 races. The tightening of the belt will only ensure that we will see a greater swap over from week to week of car wraps.

It’s much the same at KHI who has made no secret that their 2012 plans will be different. Some rumors have hit the internet that Kevin and his wife Delana are headed for splits-ville and that the shop may be located on property owned by her father. While that could be true I believe the struggle for full time sponsorship is likely a bigger factor.

When Harvick resigned with Richard Childress Racing the idea was for his organization KHI to serve as a minor league pipeline to the cup series. It’s been evident as the #21 car has been off the track, and Harvick has even had Austin Dillion drive the #33 at times this year.

A race shop dispute hardly seems to stand in the way as there is enough money at RCR to allow for some sort of temporary location for a team.

So what will happen. Supposedly we are just weeks away from finding out. I tell you there has been more questions about where drivers will go and if teams will exist this year then any year I can remember.

John Bman
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