When it’s rain NASCAR sits on the pot

NASCAR is the worst sport on the planet when it comes to making decisions on starting, post phoning or changing start times for their events. While storm remnants in recent days have caused evacuations at college football stadiums across the country those in charge took action.

In NASCAR it’s always a wait, see and hear them talk about how they will get the race in. Looking at the weather map is something that is constantly done and yet even in the most obvious situations the decision is drawn out hours later.

The same information is spit at us over and over. At Atlanta the most annoying was the “Sprint Showdown” in which four drivers could win a total of 3 million dollars to be split between themselves, a charity of their choice and a lucky fan. We had to see highlights of how the four drivers qualified for this event. Each driver was then interviewed multiple times and the annoucers endlessly discussed who they thought had the best chance of the four.

Yes I realize the decision to do this was not that of NASCAR but when a network has a chunk of it’s schedule dedicated to your event and you keep talking about how that event will be completed in a night then the real looser is the viewer. People like you and me.

Diehard fans wrestle with the idea of hanging around hoping for a race or doing something else.

We heard about the plans for a 9:30 start for Sunday’s race at Atlanta. A little after 9 pm the rain again arrived. Not a surprise to anyone watching but to NASCAR they still wouldn’t call the race. Rusty Wallace claimed the reason for such a delay in making a decision was the fans that were at the raceway and how it didn’t cost them another nickle to be there.

That’s a damn lie too. NASCAR is still selling concessions and guess what, tomorrow they will get even more. You’ll never hear about the dollars and cents from their mouthpiece but you throw in a bunch of fans with kids, or people running low on beer since the race started later and you get the picture.

Sooner or later there is going to be a backlash at a track because of the long delay in making a decision to call a race. It’s coming sooner and sooner as it’s messing with peoples schedules and their pockets.

John Bman
John Bmanhttp://www.tireball.com
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