Michael Waltrip Racing statement, apologizes for altercation between Clint Bowyer and Jeff Gordon

Tom Pennington/GETTY

Michael Waltrip Racing released the following statement, regarding Sunday’s altercation between Clint Bowyer’s crew and Jeff Gordon at the AdvoCare 500 at Phoenix International Raceway.

“The goal of Michael Waltrip Racing is to be a championship-level organization both on and off the track. The on-track incident which occurred during Sunday’s NASCAR Sprint Cup race at Phoenix International Raceway was extremely disappointing and brought raw emotions of a long and hard championship battle to the surface.

Though we generally cannot control certain actions on the track, the unfortunate reactions off the track Sunday did not live up to the professional standards in which Michael Waltrip Racing expects all of its representatives to live by.

We commit to our sponsors, our manufacturer, our fans and NASCAR that we will do so in the future. “



  1. Mikey had NOTHING to appoligize for. Clint stuck up for himself and Mikey Waltrip Racing by doing what he did. Gordon should have been suspended and ALL points taken away from PHX. Just my opinion …… GO CLINT… GO MIKEY !!!!!

  2. KUDOS TO JEFF!!! It’s about time he turned the table on Bowyer. This wasn’t the first time the 15 got into Gordon this season.
    No. 15 got just what he deserved. As for the melee among the teams. From the video it looks to me like one of Bowyer’s crew was the initial perpetrator that started it all.


  3. II agree with JR Fan 1. Seems like Gordo has been in a confortation of some type with just about everyone. He’s not a talented driver, just one that has gotten lucky.


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