NASCAR announces penalties for Jeff Gordon, Clint Bowyer teams and Brad Keselowski

NASCAR released the penalties regarding the No.24 team for their actions at last weekends AdvoCare500 at Phoenix International Raceway.

Jeff Gordon will not be suspended for the season finale at Homestead-Miami Speedway but he is being fined $100,000 and being docked 25 driver points.

Clint Bowyer’s crew chief Brian Pattie was fined $25,000 for not “controlling his team.”

Brad Keselowski, who made some very strong comments during his post race interview is also being fined $25,000 but not for what he said… But because he was using his phone during the race.

Clint Bowyer will not be fined or docked any points.


  1. Brad Must be DOCKED 25 POINTS for all that Foul Language he used words like S_ _T , F_ _k, PI_ _ED and a lot more. Dale Jr was in the chase in 2004 and was docked 25 points for saying just S_ _T and he was not even angry. Whats good for Dale Jr . is Good for BRAD, Now someone get it right, DOCK THAT DRIVER NOW !!!!!! Before next week. Jeff you did what all us fans couldn’t do. THANKS . I had already had it with Clint and Brad for the way they have been driving all year…………

  2. Well, no one ever said Nascar was consistent in their penalties.

    When Kyle Busch deliberately wrecked Ron Hornaday in a truck race, costing Hornaday his chance for another championship, Busch was suspended from all Nascar races for the next weekend, fined, and put on probation.

    But when goldenboy Gordon costs Clint Bowyer his chance for his first chanpionship, all he gets is probation, a fine that’s less than 2% of his winnings for the year, and docked a whopping 25 points. No favoritism there? Duh!

    Nascar should have at least docked Gordon enough points to make him last (12th) in the Chase. Giving those points to Bowyer would have been even more fair.

    But, hey, if Nascar was fair, they would have thrown a caution after Danica’s car leaked a trail of oil & coolant 3 feet wide instead of saying “we didn’t see any fluids on the track” when everyone watching on tv could clearly see it. Guess they didn’t see it cuz the officials were not looking.

  3. Not complete justice. Suspension and fines are now the standard for retaliation. It is NOT O.K. what Boyer has been doing to the Gordon team and Jeff personally this season. We get the idea that if one “hits” first, one will be able to carry on! Surely you jest, NASCAR. If we are mistaken in this judgment, release more details of everyone’s side in this sad race series of incidents..

  4. Why is Boyer getting off so easy? He started all of this and NASCAR DID NOTHING!!! He should have been fined along with all of the rest of them!!! Keselowski should be fined for his use of foul language!!! Get it right NASCAR!!!!!!!!!

  5. they should have docked brad some points too! make you think a little harder next time. why do you have your phone in the racecar?????

  6. Boyer should be docked points and fined, this was all his fault , he hit Gordon first.
    Nascar needs to get rid of these stupid cars and get back to racing real cars.
    Nascar also needs to broadcast all the races, I have not seen the last races in the chase in years.
    Tired of watching the JJ show.

  7. Why did nascar not do the same thing to gordon they did to Kyle Busch gordon should be parked for the next race but since he drives for hendricks he can do as he pleases

  8. I look for Bucktooth from Michigan to throw a water bottle out on the final two laps if he’s loosing, then he’ll use his phone to call nascar and ask for a yellow for “debris on track” You took it longer than I would have Jeff. Boyer is as dangerous for the sport as Kelsonutts.

  9. good job jeff it time you dish the bs back nascar needs to do their job a long time ago when people take you out like jeff burton ‘matt kinset and what boyer done in more then this race you have to stand up to their bs

  10. NASCAR is not consistent for anyone…Not a Gordon fan, but I respect him and it just seems like the other teams have been picking on him….you know people do get tired of it….I do think they should fine Kesolowski for his language in the press conference after the race….just shows he is not very intelligent…

  11. I have been racing for 25 years and what happen with Gordon and bowyer was just hard racing! And then Gordon took him out what a cry baby basterd! Y’all need to watch the video again on it. Gordons dumbass came down as bowyer was drifting up and they touched that is racing! I agree that bowyers crew should not have started anything but wouldn’t you be pissed to if some sissy fag crashed your 100k car! Gordon is a good driver when he wants to be but I have watched him numerous times run over the guy infront of him to gain a position( that’s not racing) that’s a crybaby!


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