Clark Houston’s win at Hickory overshadowed by incident involving Landon Huffman and Annabeth Barnes-Crum

Landon Huffman’s car following the on track incident via Landon Huffman Twitter

Clark Houston won Saturday’s Late Model Stock race at Hickory Motor Speedway but his win has been dwarfed by an incident involving Landon Huffman and Annabeth Barnes-Crum.

Huffman and Barnes-Crum were racing for third at the track with three laps to go with contact sending Huffman into the wall. He would catch back up to Barnes-Crum and nudge her up the track. Barnes-Crum’s car then takes a sharp left and spins in front of a pack of cars.

Under the ensuing caution, Barnes-Crum drove up to Huffman’s car and ran into his right rear. Both cars were heavily damaged.

The race was stopped for an hour after an incident also took place in the spotters stand between Barnes-Crum’s husband, former Xfinity and Truck Series driver Jake Crum, and Huffman’s father, Robert Huffman.

Huffman provided an update on his father Sunday morning saying that he was doing ok but had suffered a broken nose and had an issue with his eye.

A video has since been posted to social media which shows the attack.

Crum and Barnes-Crum were suspended by the CARS Tour in 2017 after they attacked a competitor following the CARS Tour’s 250 at South Boston Speedway.

TWIN 40 1

    1. Kade Brown
    2. Tyler Matthews
    3. Landon Huffman
    4. Clark Houston
    5. Vicente Salas
    6. Michael Bumgarner
    7. Akinori Ogata
    8. Annabeth Barnes-Crum
    9. Bryson Ruff
    10. Ryan Joyner
    11. Skyler Chaney
    12. Justin Campbell
    13. Sean Abell
    14. Paige Rogers
    15. Samantha Rohrbaugh
    16. Amber Balcaen
    17. Gracie Trotter

TWIN 40 2

  1. Clark Houston
  2. Tyler Matthews
  3. Kade Brown
  4. Michael Bumgarner
  5. Vicente Salas
  6. Ryan Joyner
  7. Justin Campbell
  8. Sean Abell
  9. Landon Huffman
  10. Amber Balcaen
  11. Samantha Rohrbaugh
  12. Annabeth Barnes-Crum
  13. Akinori Ogata
  14. Paige Rogers
  15. Gracie Trotter
  16. Bryson Ruff
  17. Skyler Chaney
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