Lane Kiffin staying at Alabama for 2015 season


Lane Kiffin will return to the University of Alabama as their offensive coordinator for the 2015 season.

Alabama head coach Nick Saban announced on Saturday that Kiffin would return to his current position next season. Alabama sat a school record in 2014 for total offense while quarterback Blake Sims and wide receiver Amari Cooper each set school records for passing and receiving respectably.

“We’ve very pleased and happy that Lane is going to be staying here at the University of Alabama with us. He’s done a fabulous job and is one of the finest offensive coaches in the country,” said Saban. “He is going to have plenty of opportunities in the future and we want to continue to help him develop as a coach so when he leaves here, he’ll be in a very good situation. Our offense was extremely productive last season and we look forward to building on some of the good things we did on that side of the ball with this year’s team.”


Kiffin had been considered to be a candidate for the vacant offensive coordinator job with the 49ers. With the announcement that Kiffin is staying with the Crimson Tide the 49ers will likely turn their attention to a group that includes Colts assistant Rob Chudzinski and former head coach Mike Shanahan.

“I made a comment at the Sugar Bowl that I would be back this fall at Alabama and that is definitely the plan. This time of year, there are lots of things out there regarding other coaching opportunities, but I want to reaffirm my commitment to the University of Alabama, Coach Saban, and our team. I’m excited about what our offensive staff was able to accomplish last year, but I also think there are a lot of things we can do a better job of in terms of putting our players in the best situation to have success,” said Kiffin in a team released statement.

“After being here for a year, I can see why this is such a special place in terms of the history, tradition, and how much football means to everyone at Alabama. I also have learned so much in the time I’ve spent with Coach Saban and really have a better understanding of what makes him the great coach that he is. I think the more time I can spend learning from him, the better coach I will be in the future.”

John Bman
John Bman
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