Stashe trashed, What can others do to change Chase luck?

The stashe of Jeff Gordon is gone. It lasted barely a week. After promising to grow the stashe out and creating t-shirts for his online store it is gone as fast as it came.

This got me to thinking about what other NASCAR drivers could do to change their luck for the final nine races of the Sprint Cup Series Chase.

Martin Truex Jr.

While it is not a mustache Truex has been sporting some facial hair of his own; the chin fuzz. Truex could instead turn to something a little more epic like oh… maybe the ‘Nardburns! Face it they have not exactly gotten the job done for Paul Menard this year but there has to be some magic in those beautiful black hairs. Last time I checked the ‘Nardburns had been to victory lane one more time then the chin fuzz has in the last two seasons. Who would not wear ‘Nardburns for any reason?

Matt Kenseth

The 2003 series champion, Kenseth has started the Chase off poorly again. Now 26 points out of the point lead perhaps the Wisconsin born driver could stop cheering for the Green Bay Packers. Sure the Packers may have rebounded from their Week 1 loss to San Fransisco but maybe that was because Kenseth was not cheering for the Bears. Instead of a cheese head, Kenseth would look great in the colors of navy and burnt orange. What do you think?

Kevin Harvick

You would probably believe that Harvick did not win a race in the regular season considering his results at Chicagoland. Harvick recently saw the birth of his first child Keelan. For months Kevin and his wife Delana told anyone who would listen that they were going to name the child Otis. Considering a son with the name of Keelan has resulted in zero wins maybe it is time to give Otis a chance. Would you change your childs name to win a title?

Greg Biffle

Coca-Cola. How long can one man drink that stuff. There are a hundred flavors of soft drinks under the Coca-Cola name. By now you would think that Biffle would acquire the taste of something different. With Coca-Cola being so dark in color, maybe it is time for “the Biff” to try something a little lighter in color like Sprite? Or maybe he could opt to try something like water. Dasani, Smart Water and Vitamin Water all fall under the Coca-Cola branding. However, could Biffle give up those promos with the other Coca-Cola family of drivers without a cold Coke?

Dale Earnhardt Jr.

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He had not won a race in four years until Michigan and immediately he is expected to win a championship this year. Things are different for Earnhardt this year. With all the recent changes at JR Motorsports it is looking as if  he is not as involved there as he previously had been. Still there is one thing that would be considerable different for Eanhardt. He recently denied that he was getting married to girlfriend Amy Reimann at the end of the year. Maybe ‘June Bug’ could go ahead and settle down and start working on getting those grandchildren he once talked about. Yes, the ones he said he would to tell about his NASCAR career and championships. Should Dale go ahead and make the commitment?

Clint Bowyer, Kasey Kahne and Denny Hamlin are all 15 points behind leader Brad Keselowski.I will hold off offering changes to any of them at this time. Tony Stewart is 8 points out while Jimmie Johnson is 3 points out and considering their history in the Sprint Cup Chase it is hard to suggest any changes that would better their title hopes.

For those who did order the Jeff Gordon mustache shirt from Jeff Gordon Store they would like you to know the following.

* Please note, this item is available for pre-order and is expected to ship on or around 10/05/2012. If you would like to receive other in-stock merchandise sooner, please place separate orders.

You will receive a free mustache though.

John Bman
John Bman
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