Jeff Burton says Bristol top grove is gone

Picture of Jeff Burton testing at Bristol. Courtest of NASCAR Informer
Picture of Jeff Burton testing at Bristol. Courtest of NASCAR Informer

One of three drivers to take place in a tire test at Bristol was Jeff Burton. After running some laps there the driver of the #31 Chevrolet for Richard Childress Racing pronounced the top grove dead.

“top groove is gone. Don’t expect to see anyone up there in August”

The banking at Bristol has been changed from 30 degrees to 28 which has returned the track to it’s old ways according to Burton. Once famous for drivers hugging the bottom grove and the bump and run Bristol added progressive banking to it’s track during a repave which also happened to coincide with the release of NASCAR’s ‘Car of Tomorrow.’ Neither idea has been particularly popular among fans.

It’s been argued what is the reason for the sagging attendance numbers at Bristol. Some have suggested it’s the current configuration of the track that has led to the low numbers. Others have blamed it on the economy or outrages hotel prices for the weekend.

Track owner Bruton Smith asked fans what they wanted to see done with Bristol. While not a majority clamored for change the promoter eyed returning the track to it’s former glory. The majority of current NASCAR drivers were not in favor of changing the track since it would require additional testing. One of the drivers who did support the change was Kasey Kahne.

John Bman
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