Damon offered $14 million by Tigers, White Sox interested too?

LookBaltimore Orioles vs New York Yankees at Yankee Stadium in New Yorks like Scott Boras and company have done things perfectly. While the market for the outfielder was once bare there now seems to be at-least three teams who have contacted the agent about Damon’s services in the last day.

It seemed Damon was looking at maybe even a contract as low as $2 million. Of course those were national sport reporters not me. I’ve steadfastly remained confident that Damon would eventually find a deal north of $5 million.

Then yesterday happened. The Tigers and Braves have been interested in Damon, everyone knows it. Then word came that the Braves were willing to offer Damon $2 million for the 2010 with an additional $2 million deferred. Some have said the deal was worth a total of $5 million but either way the wheels were in motion.

Now today the Tigers have apparently made an offer of $14 million over 2 year deals. Then Boras also threw out the White Sox’s name. Wouldn’t doubt that either.

In the matter of two days Boras has convinced three of the second tier spenders to engage in contacts with him about his client. This figures to wrap up quickly because Damon’s value can only go down from here.

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  1. Ok if that’s true can we just say that the Tigers are incredibly stupid. They are essentially trading Granderson for Damon. I understood the Granderson move if it was financially motivated, but after signing Valverde and now giving the 36 year old Damon this sort of money…they are being run by Bill Bavasi

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