Signing Andruw, a laughing matter?

Texas Rangers vs. Mariners in Seattle.I have to admit the first I heard of Andruw Jones going to the White Sox happened today when I opened my email box and found out the club had signed him to a contract worth $500,000.

I have to admit the first thing I did was laugh when I read it. Jones started hot with Texas last season but by the end of the year had faded his average was horrible and well honestly had he pulled his groin and missed the whole second half the public opinion of him would be higher.

Jones signed with the Rangers last season and earned a spot on the clubs opening day roster. After a hot start he cooled off as the season went on and by the time the second half rolled around was pretty much useless to the Rangers.

In the first half of the season Jones compiled a .231/.332/.538 line, in the second half those numbers were down to .185/.310/.333. Of the 17 homers he hit last season, 14 came in the first half as did 34 of his 43 RBI’s.

In total Jones had 281 at-bats last season and should he produce like he did in the second half of last season the White Sox will undoubtedly hope that total is lower in 2010. General Manager Kenny Williams has started that Jones is being looked at as a right handed power hitter off the bench and that the club is still exploring other options in the outfield. I suppose that statement didn’t exactly need to be made as well, had Williams said he was signing Andruw Jones to DH or play right field we’d of laughed him out of town.

Jones has 388 career homers, and very possibly could have 400 by sometime summer should he prove productive. Even with those career totals, Jones is no longer the threat he once was at the plate or in the field where he has won 10 gold gloves in his career.

At one point I wondered if Andruw was going to be a hall of famer. Perhaps that was in part because I am a Braves fan but he did have the stats to support my argument. Then midway though the 2006 season things started to go south and well they haven’t picked up too much.

Last Mother’s Day we happened to be in Chicago and stopped by to see the White Sox and Rangers play. Of course before the game we went down by the dugout and well Andruw came by to sign a few autographs. I didn’t particularly care to get his autograph as I had it on a card before but couldn’t resist to ask him if I could get a picture with my son. He obliged and I’ll post that photo once I find it later.

John Bman
John Bman
Founder and Owner of Tireball Sports.


  1. It’s always good to hear some athletes doing positive things because the media rarely publishes the everyday stuff like posing for a picture. Being a celebrity (in my eyes!) I get tired when people ask me on the street to take a picture.

    In terms of the signing, it’s no risk. It’s funny to see a guy who the Braves really couldn’t afford anymore taking a deal like this, but there’s nothing else to say really. Some guys just lose it faster than others.

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