Cutler could remain with Bears as rest of front office gets cleaned out


Like it or not the Bears very well could have Jay Cutler under center again in 2015.

The oft maligned quarterback’s salary will make it difficult for the Bears to get anything of value in return without including additional compensation. The Bears would absorb $19 million in dead money by releasing Cutler before 2016. He is owed a guaranteed $15.5 for the 2015-16 season.

While Cutler could return, the best of the Bears coaching staff and front office could be gone.

After 16 years with the Bears it looks like Ted Phillips could be gone as well as general manager Phil Emery who gave Cutler his massive contract this past offseason.

Head coach Marc Tretsman has coached the Bears the last two seasons but has failed to get the best out of Cutler and the offense during that time.

“I haven’t been able [to coax the best from Cutler] and we haven’t been able to do the things that we want to get done,” Trestman said via ESPN. “We’re working towards that. But the answer to that is obvious. I’m trying to give you the most truthful answer and that is, we’ve seen moments of it, but it’s not where we need to go. It’s not where we need to be. But it’s not all about Jay. It’s about our entire offense, working together to get it done.”


Offensive coordinator Aaron Kromer acknowledged recently that he was the anonymous source who had spoken negatively to the press about Cutler’s extension. However in true Bears fashion he was allowed to keep his position with the team to finish out the year. That is expected to change on Monday.

Defensive coordinator Mel Tucker has failed to get anything out of the Bears defense. The Bears are 31st against the pass and 16th against the run on the season. Tucker has known for weeks that he will be looking for work this offseason.

All this leaves the Bears in a tough situation. The team is looking at their third coaching staff/front office to work with Cutler who was benched in Week 16 but will return for the season finale. Whomever takes over next season will just be inheriting the mistakes of the two regimes prior.