Rex Grossman turns down Browns offer to start

The Browns quarterback situation is a mess.

Rookie Johnny Manziel made two starts before suffering a hamstring injury. He has been ruled out for Week 17 and former starter Brian Hoyer suffered a shoulder injury in relief last week.

Now the Browns are in need of quarterbacks. They called up Rex Grossman who declined an offer to join the team on a one game contract. Instead Grossman will stay at home for the week for Christmas while the Browns turn to Conner Shaw.

We understand the desire to stay home for the holidays but the 34-year-old Grossman had little to no interest this yer. Had he put up some numbers on Sunday perhaps he could have earned himself a year long back-up gig next year. Now he’ll be sitting at home hosting family and sucking on candy canes.

Then again this is the Browns a team who has lost four in a row and five of its last six.