Bills center blames ESPN for Michael Sam not having a job

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Michael Sam was drafted in the seventh round by the St. Louis Rams but after a strong preseason was waived. On Sunday the former SEC defensive player of the year passed though waivers unclaimed.

The Rams have one of the NFL’s deeper defensive lines but surely not 31 other teams could make that claim. So what gives? Why is Michael Sam still looking for a job in the NFL?

It’s the ESPN factor according to Buffalo Bills center Eric Wood.

So it is not because the NFL is a bunch of homophobes. It is because they simply do not want ESPN and other news outlets following one player around. Anyone remember Tim Tebow?

I would venture to say that Sam is good enough to be on a practice squad but what team wants to sign him to their squad and then deal with the daily questions of when will he be promoted to the 53-man roster and then play? Any signing team likely has a need for Sam now.