Cowboys sign Tyron Smith to eight year extension

getty images

getty images

The Dallas Cowboys have signed left tackle Tyron Smith to a eight-year extension.

Smith is a Pro-Bowl player who is considered among the best in the NFL at his position.

The Cowboys have now signed Smith though the the 2023 season. Smith will reportedly make $110 million throughout the course of his current deal.

Smith’s new deal includes $40 million in guaranteed money with another $10 million coming in the form of a signing bonus.

“Late last week, the Cowboys approached me with a deal I told my agents I wanted to sign,” Smith said in a released statement. “My agents explained the pros and cons of this deal versus one that may be shorter term and/or higher guarantee. After careful consideration, I decided this long term deal was exactly what I wanted.

“Over the past three years, the Cowboys organization and Jones Family have helped me through trying times and I felt this was my opportunity to return the gratitude. I am beyond grateful for the Cowboys staff, my teammates, and the fans, and wanted to ensure I was locked in as a ‘Cowboy for Life.’ I want to thank everyone for their support and look forward to having a star on my helmet for the remainder of my career.”

The Cowboys had been working to lock up Smith to an extension and continue to work towards a deal with wide receiver Dez Bryant.

“Something that wasn’t an argument is that we felt that based on his skill, based on his age, that Tyron deserved to be the highest paid left tackle,” executive vice president Stephen Jones said. “It’s just how we were going to go about doing it.”