Rex Ryan could return to Jets in 2014?

Rex Ryan expects to be fired

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Who would have thought that Rex Ryan would have a chance to finish out his contract with the New York Jets.

Ryan saw a new general manager arrive in New York this season and was saddled with second-round draft pick Geno Smith as his starting quarterback. Smith has done the Jets no favors on offense but somehow with the season coming to a close the Jets could actually finish .500, few could have seen that coming.

It seemed Rex Ryan as a goner from the start of the year and even the coach told his players he was getting canned prior to last weeks ago but now there are rumblings that Ryan could actually return to the Jets in 2014.

The Jets were better than advertised this season thanks largely to their defense, Ryan’s strength. The could see this as reason enough to allow him to finish out his contract, rather then pay him to go away next season.

Of course the danger with keeping Ryan around would be success. If Ryan was to get his team into the playoffs next season the Jets would likely be forced into giving him a contract extension.

Hopefully this one will be settled soon.