NFL says Mannings 50th TD shouldn’t have counted


It’s too late now but Wade Phillips can take solace in the fact he was right about something a week ago.

The NFL informed the Texans interim head coach that Peyton Manning’s 50th touchdown pass of the season should not have counted as wide receiver Eric Decker was juggling the ball.

“Poor Manning,” Phillips told reporters on Friday, via ESPN. “He thought he broke the record.”

The NFL will not take the touchdown away but it will undoubtedly be joked about in the future.

“We did get some good news. Actually, it’s bad news for Peyton Manning. … I guess they’re going to have to take that ball that they sent to the Hall of Fame back,” Phillips said jokingly. “I feel bad for Peyton celebrating breaking the record and it really didn’t happen.

Decker believes Phillips should have left well enough alone.

“I caught it. This doesn’t change anything. It’s still a big catch for me and one I’ll remember for a while.” Decker told the AP.