Report: Mike Shanahan was ready to leave Redskins in 2012

Mike Shanahan and the Washington Redskins may indeed part ways at the end of the 2013 season but this breakup could have happened a year ago.

ESPN shares the following news in a report released on Sunday:

Disillusioned with the way Snyder was running the organization, Shanahan cleaned out his office in advance of January’s wild-card playoff game against the Seattle Seahawks and expected to leave the team whenever the season ended, according to a source who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

Shanahan’s biggest gripe was the treatment of quarterback Robert Griffin III who the coach saw as being put above all other players by owner Daniel Snyder. Shanahan, according to the report, does not believe that type of atmosphere can win in the NFL.

When Griffin injured his knee in the loss to Seattle the head coach changed his plans afraid that the public would blame his exit on the injury.

Already Shanahan has been linked to the Houston Texans opening. What happens in Washington is anyone’s guess with all sides denying this report thus far.


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