Titans will not pick up Jake Locker’s option for 2015

In what should be a no-brainer to everyone, the Tennessee Titans will not pick up the option on quarterback Jake Locker for next season.

Locker is making $2.09 million next season but that salary balloons to $13 million in 2015. That number is simply too much for the Titans who have seen flashes of talent in Loker between inconsistency and injuries.

NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport believes one name the Titans will target this year is Jay Cutler. The quarterback played college football at Vanderbilt and some people believe that the Bears will simply allow him to leave rather then re-sign him to a new deal.

So what do we take away from all of this? Not much. Locker was a long shot to get that 2015 salary and it remains anyone’s guess what the Bears plan to do with Cutler at this point. Stay tuned.