Cowboys: Witten, Lee support HGH testing


The NFL and NFL Players Association are working towards  HGH testing players in the NFL and two prominent members of the Dallas Cowboys believe it is in the best interest of the game.

“We’ve seen other pro sports and how important that’s been and the negative vibe it’s gotten,” said Jason Witten, via ESPN Dallas. “Everybody wants a level playing field. I think the union wants it under the right circumstance. There’s a lot of parameters when you start testing for blood but I think everyone is welcoming that when it’s done the right way. It’s probably taken longer than we all expected it to, but it sounds like we’re close.”

A memo sent to players from the NFLPA’s board of directors says that players will have blood samples taken during training camp physicals this year. The test is simply to gauge the severity of HGH in the NFL and no players will be penalized for testing positive.

According to a memo obtained by ESPN senior NFL analyst Chris Mortensen, the NFLPA’s board of directors sent a memo to players saying they will have a blood sample taken during training camp physicals as part of a population study for HGH in order to determine the threshold for a positive test.

Sean Lee echoed Witten’s comments saying “As long as the test is 100 percent foolproof where there’s not going to be any false positives, that would be the only issue we would have

“If an innocent guy is found guilty, his life is completely ruined. As long as the test is scientifically 100 percent where you can’t get anybody proven to be false, I’m fine with it.”