Rex Ryan chooses McElroy over Tebow as Jets continue spiral


The New York Jets finally made a change at quarterback. Rex Ryan choose Greg McElroy over Tim Tebow for the spot.

 “It’s my decision … and I’m choosing to go with Greg.”
It was a quote that went along with the Jets initial plans when they acquired Tebow in a trade with the Denver Broncos.
How messed up are the Jets? Ryan would not even comment on who would be the backup quarterback on Sunday. Ryan has to know it is a no win situation. He just demoted Sanchez and bumped the third string quarterback ahead of Tebow.
Tim Tebow was not brought into New York to start for the Jets. Tebow was brought in to generate buzz because the Jets knew they were not going to compete this season. It has worked, despite being a 6-8 team there has been a never ending river of stories flowing out of Jets locker room.
The decision to bring Tim Tebow to New York was mixed, even among the Jets fan base. Tebow had been listed as the backup quarterback behind Mark Sanchez this season. The only contributions of Tebow to the Jets was a few wild cat plays and punt blocking.
Ryan opted to pull Sanchez from a game on Dec. 2 against Arizona, while Tebow was inactive, giving McElroy some playing time. McElroy led the Jets to a win.
The following week the Jets took the field with Sanchez at quarterback and Tebow listed as the backup. In Monday’s loss to Tennessee the Jets stuck with that idea again, and allowed Tebow to run a complete series.
A day later the idea of Tebow at quarterback for the Jets is as far removed as it has ever been. Where Tim Tebow goes from here is unknown. His time in New York will likely come to an end whether by trade or outright release.