Kyle Larson loses McDonald’s sponsorship after iRacing event

Kyle Larson has lost sponsorship from both Credit One Bank and McDonald’s following his comments in an iRacing charity race.

Larson was having trouble with communication with his spotter which prompted him to say “can you hear me? Hey, n**.”

Almost immediately fellow drivers commented that he was speaking to all. Credit One Bank announced Monday afternoon they were terminating their sponsorship of Larson with McDonald’s following soon after.

Chip Ganassi Racing suspended the driver of the No. 42 Chevrolet Camaro without pay on Monday and Larson released an apology to social media. NASCAR announced that Larson has been suspended indefinitely and will need to attend sensitivity training.


  1. Makes me sick…people are coming out of the woodwork to add their smart little remarks.No he shouldn’t have said it I agree.people that no nothing about Kyle or Nascar racing are very Ugly. I don’t think he should lose his career over this..I will not be using or buying anything the lost sponsors are selling…. Times are hard enough now for this to be added to the list of troubles.Chip Ganisse should be proud to have him he could have left before but loyalty got him to stay. He’s a great driver should go where someone appreciates him…..


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