Travis Braden declared Snowball Derby winner after Stephen Nasse is DQ’d

Travis Braden had to overcome a lot working his way from a 36th place starting position in the Snowball Derby to a flagged second place finish.

Then following post race inspections it was determined that Stephen Nasse’s car had been disqualified due to a illegal equipment violation making Braden the winner of the 52nd annual event.

Jake Garcia, 14, ended up being scored as the second place finisher.

If this sounds familiar it is because it has become a trend in the Snowball Derby since 2013. In 2013 Chase Elliott was DQ’d giving Erik Jones the win while 2015 winner Christopher Bell was DQ’d giving Elliott the win.

Snowball Derby Results

  1. Travis Braden
  2. Jake Garcia
  3. Cole Butcher
  4. Jesse Dutilly
  5. Preston Peltier
  6. Chandler Smith
  7. Casey Roderick
  8. Hunter Robbins
  9. Dan Fredrickson
  10. Boris Jerkovic
  11. Dalton Zehr
  12. Derek Griffith
  13. Ty Majeski
  14. Jeff Choquette
  15. Derek Thorn
  16. Giovanni Bromante
  17. John DeAngelis
  18. Derek Kraus
  19. Matt Craig
  20. Brad May
  21. Michael Altwell
  22. Cole Moore
  23. Jeremy Doss
  24. Lucas Jones
  25. Bubba Pollard
  26. Kaden Honeycutt
  27. David Gilliland
  28. Augie Grill
  29. Josh Berry
  30. Connor Okrzesik
  31. Corey LaJoie
  32. Jeremy Pate
  33. David Rogers
  34. Rodrigo Rejon
  35. Kyle Plott
  36. Corey Heim
  37. Stephen Nasse


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