Sterling Marlin entered into race at Canada’s Jukasa Motor Speedway

Sterling Marlin is the latest driver to add his name to the entry list for a $50,000 Pro Late Model Race at Jukasa Motor Speedway. The Canadian Short Track Nationals event is scheduled to take place September 1st and 2nd.

Marlin, a two time winner of NASCAR’s Daytoan 500, has spent the last decade focusing on late model’s since stepping away from NASCAR.

“When a promoter puts this type of effort into an event – it absolutely makes waves all over the industry,” Marlin said. “There are Late Model guys all across the country right now trying to find a way to get to Canada for this race. Everyone’s talking about it” said Marlin about the race.

“Our team is always excited for the chance to get out on the road again and take on a new racetrack. From all the photos and videos I’ve seen, it looks like they’ve put together an incredible facility up there, and I’m looking forward to being a part of this race and interacting with the Canadian fans.”

Other notables on the entry list for the race include JR Fitzpatrick, DJ Kennington, Brian Campbell and Patrick Laperie.

“We need more races like this,” said Marlin. “These cars can put on some of the best racing you’re ever going to see. So, when you put up a big purse for them, you’re going to attract a big car count and the fans are going to get their money’s worth.”

John Boarman
John Boarman
Founder and Owner of Tireball Sports.

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