Michael Andetti would welcome Kurt Busch back

If Kurt Busch would like a second run at the Indianapolis 500 he could do so in a part provided by Michael Andretti.

Andretti hs told Busch that he could drive for his Verizon IndyCar Series team “any time” he wants.

“I am a big supporter of Kurt and if we are able to put a deal together for him to run the Indianapolis 500 I will still run him,” Andretti told FOXSports.com. “He did a great job at the Indy 500 last year. Right now, our focus is on putting a fourth car together but there is still a possibility for something to come together for Indy. I would love to do it with Kurt Busch again. He was a pleasure to work with.”

Last year Busch finished sixth in the Indy 500 running all 200 laps and earning Rookie of the Year honors.

“We want to have a fourth full-time car. That’s our goal. We are working very hard to get to four cars. My ultimate goal is to run five cars for the full year but, if we don’t, we want to do a one-off at Indy at least and, if we can put something together with Kurt Busch, we would love to do it. He was a real professional and learned a lot to the point where I think he would be a real factor in the race if we put something together. He did a hell of a job last year without experience. Now, with one more year of experience, I think Kurt Busch could be a real factor in the Indianapolis 500 in 2015.”