NASCAR Sprint Cup Series at Bristol, LIVE UPDATES for Irwin Tools Night Race


Welcome to coverage of the Irwin Tools Night Race at Bristol Motor Speedway.

The NASCAR Sprint Cup Series will run 500 laps at the .533 mile track making up a total of 266.5 miles.

Live Updates for the Irwin Tools Night Race at Bristol

Kenseth wins, FULL RESULTS

Lap 500 – Kenseth holds off Kahne and crosses the line first. Montoya is third.

Lape 490 – Kenseth does all he can to keep Kahne behind him. Kahne is all over the No. 20

Lap 488 – Kenseth stuck in traffic as Kahne is on his rear bumper

Lap 474 – Kahne gets around Montoya.

Lap 470 – Kahne doing all he can do get around Montoya

Lap 465 – Logano up to 7th, he has enough fuel. Kasey Kahne in third also can make it on fuel… unsure of Kenseth and second place Montoya

Lap 455 – Green: Kenseth out front as Kyle Busch gest out of the grove and drops to the back of the lead lap

INTERVIEW: Harvick says he wishes the old Bristol was back and says all is good with Hamlin.

Harvick approaches Hamlin’s pit. Parks his car in front of it. He approaches Hamlin who is still in his car. Harvick is upset and sticks his head in Hamlins car. Hamlin motions to Harvick who appears to shake hands with Hamlin then walks away.

Lap 446 – Gordon (2nd) believes he is half a lap short on fuel. Earnhardt says he has enough. Massive crash involving Newman, Hamlin, Keselowski, Truex and Ken Schrader.

Lap 442 – Pit stops. many who had concerns about making it the distance pit.

Lap 440- Debris caution. Debris may have come from No. 42 of Montoya who was recently hit by David Stremme in retaliation for incident earlier.

Lap 400 – Only 100 laps to go. Kenseth, Gordon, Truex the top three

Lap 392 – Edwards goes behind the wall. His night is over with a blown motor

Lap 375- Kenseth the lead as Jeff Burton gets spun across the front stretch.

Lap 370 – Edwards, Kenseth, Truex Jr. ahead of Gordon and Bowyer

Lap 367 – Johnson’s crew working to get him back on track. They want to avoid a DNF. Reutimann slow on track and pulls down to apron as race restarts.

Lap 359 -Caution out for incident between Reutimann, Johnson and Vickers. Vickers spun Reutimann who was hit by Johnson. Almirola also received some damage to his rear from Johnson

Lap 343- Harvick leads them to green. Edwards passes him a lap later for the lead. The No. 99 has it hooked up tonight.

Lap 336 – Caution for debris. everyone hits pit road. Harvick gets two tires and is the first off. Edwards comes off third. Kenseth also takes two and moves into the top ten. Montoya too fast off pit road

Lap 327 – Keselowski, Kenseth, Bowyer 17th, 18th, 19th on the track. Johnson is currently 24th.

Lap 323 – Edwards gets by Menard. Montoya up to second. Menard, Gordon, Busch round out top five. Logano, Kahne, Harvick, Earnhardt and Newman round out the top ten.

Lap 311 – Edwards working on Menard for he lead. Busch has dropped back to fifth,

Lap 273 – Edwards has caught Kyle Busch.

Lap 268 – Edwards up to third sets his sights on Busch

Lap 262 – Kenseth caught speeding, will go to back of the pack. Leaders are Paul Menard and Kyle Busch who did not pit. Edwards is the first car with four tires he will be fifth

CAUTION: Debris breaks up a long green flag run. All leaders hit pit road

Lap 235 – Kenseth to the lead

Lap 221- Joey Logano up to 15th. Clint Bowyer is currently 23rd.

Lap 210 – Edwards leads, Kenseth passes Hamlin for second after the restart.

Lap 207 – Jeff Gordon is the only car inside top 12 to pit, he surrenders third after rising oil temps

Lap 201 – Tony Raines finds the wall and brings out a caution for debris. Jimmie Johnson runs into the back of the No. 33 of Landon Cassill under the caution damaging his left front.

Lap 199 – Travis Kvapil hits the wall and heads to pit road. Edwards continues to lead.

Lap 197 – Kyle Busch ahead of Joey Logano for 26th and 27th

Lap 193 – Stenhouse who restarted second already fallen back to sixth. Kasey Kahne, who won in March, is up to 10th

Lap 187 – Edwards pulling away from the field after the restart

CAUTION: Carl Edwards leads the field onto pit road. Edwards is the first car off pit road

Lap 175 – Bowyer has caught cars on the lead lap. He gets turned by the No. 93 of Travis Kvapil and then Bobby Labonte slams into him after being hit by Jeff Gordon.

Lap 167 – Carl Edwards is up to second. Move Earnhardt back to third.

Lap 156 – Edwards, Labonte, Montoya round out the top five. Jimmie Johnson 15th, Keselowski 18th. Kyle Busch 28th

Lap 150 -Clint Bowyer continues to lead. Earnhardt second and losing ground

Lap 126 – Clint Bowyer leading. Kurt Busch is back on the track. He is 25 laps down. This will not be the night he had hoped for.

Lap 119 – Kasey Kahne and Jimmie Johnson running 16th and 17th

Lap 114 -Danica loses a lap after smacking the wall. has some damage but continues on for now.

Lap 106 – Contact between Logano and Busch. Debirs caution. Both Busch and Logano have substantial damage. Busch has tore up rear and Logano has damange on right front after Busch got loose.

Lap 105 – Kyle Busch up to 16th. He took only right side tires under caution

Lap 97 – Earnhardt, Bowyer, Montoya, Labonte, Menard is the top five. as the green goes out

Lap 93 – Pit stops, half the field stays out.

Lap 89 – Kurt Busch smacks into Josh Wise, ruining the night of the 35.

Lap 86 – Kenseth up to second

Lap 82 – Loose wheel on No. 78 brings Kurt Busch to pit road. He also gets a speeding penalty

Lap 67 – Props to Jose Wise who is hanging on in seventh, he did not pit under the caution.

Lap 59 – Keselowski running in 21st. Does not appear to have any real damage from incident on pit road

Lap 52- Jeff Gordon to third around Hamlin and Truex. Kenseth working on Hamlin for fifth.

Lap 48 – Green Flag. Busch, Edwards, Hamlin, Truex, Gordon, Kenseth

Lap 46 – Kyle Busch is up to 30th after pitstops.

CAUTION: Top five stay out. Keselowski hits Reutimann on pit road. Ambrose trapped in pit road.

Lap 40 – Kyle Busch 33, Jeff Burton 32. as Ryan Truex loses a left front and is in the wall.

Lap 35 – Matt Kenesth up to fourth. working on Hamlin

Lap 23 – Kurt Busch to the lead

Lap 3 – Joe Nemechek is smoking on pit road, no caution

Lap 1 – Denny Hamlin leads the first lap of the race