Cashier wins $1 million in Powerball by choosing NASCAR numbers

It was not the near $600 million payout, but a cashier in Missouri can thank NASCAR for her winnings of $1 million in the recent Powerball,

Mary-Jane Hart works each weekend at the Heartland Pit Stop in Doniphan, MO. The part-time cashier sold herself a powerball ticket when she came into work on Saturday. The jackpot had reached $590.5 million dollars and Hart thought it was a good time to buy a ticket.

It worked. The winning numbers from Saturday night’s drawing were: 10, 13, 14, 22 and 52, with a Powerball number of 11. If only Mary-Jane Hart was a Denny Hamlin fan!

“I’ve always wanted to win a jackpot so that I could go to way more Nascar races than I go to, which is a lot.” said Mary-Jane Hart.

Hart will use some of the money to go to NASCAR races but also plans to use her winnings to help out her son and to take a trip to Hawaii.

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