Former motorhome of Jeff Gordon listed in eBay auction for $395,000

gordon1The former motorhome of NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon has been listed on eBay. For $395,000 it could be yours.

Gordon’s former motorhome is a 2002 Prevost H3 Marathon Coach which has 187,000 miles on it. The motorhome also has two leather reclines, a king size bed and two plasma televisions. It also includes a surround system, fold down treadmill and of course a granite countertop and refrigerator.

The seller of the motorshome says that “Coach Is In New Conditions In and Out and Needs Nothing. It Was Recently Serviced from A to Z” and also notes that the tires were replaced this year.

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  1. Great rig, but it only has room for one in the cockpit. It seems workable with a hired driver. For anyone else they are alone up front which does not seem desirable. Maybe if you can afford this rig you can afford a driver too.


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