Erik Jones wins Snowball Derby from Five Flags Speedway, full results

Erik Jones won the 45th annual Snowball Derby held at 5 Flags Speedway in Pensacola, FL. It is the biggest win of the 16-year-olds career.

“I can’t believe it…I can’t even believe it!” said Jones in victory lane after the race.

Jones was able to finish ahead of Kyle Busch. Busch was eventually passed by Jeff Choquette who took home second in a race that was littered with wrecks.

The two biggest involved drivers who regularly compete in the top three series of NASCAR.

After an incident with Steve Wallace, Nelson Piquet dropped some harsh words once he got out of his car. Johanna Long also involved in received damage in the incident.

Moments later when T.J. Reaid took the lead after the red flag was lifted he was followed closely by Kyle Busch. Moments later he was spun by Busch. Ross Kenseth and Chase Elliott were among those who also were damaged in the incident.

After the race was over Reaid approached Busch before security personnel stepped in.

Race Results

  1. Erik Jones
  2. Jeff Choquette
  3. Kyle Busch
  4. Jeff Fultz
  5. Chase Elliott
  6. Grant Enfinger
  7. Kyle Benjamin
  8. David Ragan
  9. Chris Davidson
  10. John Hunter Nemechek
  11. Ross Kenseth
  12. Dwayne Buggay
  13. D.J. Vanderley
  14. Johanna Long
  15. Donnie Wilson
  16. Hunter Robbins
  17. Chuck Barnes Jr
  18. Clay Alexander
  19. Kyle Jones
  20. Austin Theriault
  21. Casey Smith
  22. Steven Wallace
  23. David Rogers
  24. Ben Kennedy
  25. Brad Rogers
  26. T.J. Reaid
  27. Bubba Pollard
  28. Nelson Piquet Jr
  29. Daniel Hemric
  30. Logan Boyett
  31. Mike Garvey
  32. Stephen Nasse
  33. Jeremy Pate
  34. Brian Campbell
  35. Paul Kelley
  36. Augie Grill
  37. Steve Dorer