Can You Bet On NASCAR Races?

Sports betting has steadily grown in popularity over the last few years, mostly due to the fact that it’s now widely available online. NASCAR racing, although primarily a North American sport, has also become popular, particularly internationally where more and more people have begun enjoying NASCAR races. But is it possible to bet on NASCAR races? Find out right here!

NASCAR Betting

Sports betting on NASCAR events is popular outside of the United States, particularly in countries like the United Kingdom where most sports betting websites allow registered users to place bets on various motorsports events and championships. Generally speaking, most online sports betting sites and shops will allow you to wager on various NASCAR events, but the most common is the NASCAR Cup Series.

Depending on the site or betting shop you visit, you’ll be able to make different bets throughout the event. The most common bet available on NASCAR races is predicting the winner of a race. However, some betting sites and shops will also allow you to wager on the three-stage winners of each race, providing you with even more chances at making wins.

There are other types of bets available too depending on the betting site and shop. These can include predicting the NASCAR season champion, predicting what the top car will be for each race, predicting driver performance, and more.

There are also special proposition bets which require you to predict the outcome of random events. This can include the car number of a race winner, which player will lead the most laps, how many caution flags will be drawn, how many racers will finish, and which car manufacturer will win. Like with previous wagering opportunities, these types of bets will vary depending on the website or betting shop.

Are There Any NASCAR Betting Bonuses?

Generally speaking, most online betting websites’ bonuses focus on more popular sports like horse racing, football, tennis, and basketball. Most online betting sites may not offer specialised NASCAR promotions, but if a large championship is playing, some unique websites may offer rare promotions for you to enjoy.

This is why it’s always worth taking a look around at the different websites available before placing a bet. One of the best ways of doing this is through reviews of sports betting sites like those at

What Are The Biggest NASCAR Events To Bet On?

There are dozens of important NASCAR events which take place each year between February and November. Some of the most popular events featured at sports betting sites include the Daytona 500, the NASCAR Cup Series Championship, the Brickyard 400, the NASCAR All-Star Race, the Southern 500, and plenty more.

So, if you’re thinking of placing a bet on NASCAR races, we suggest you try sticking to some of the bigger events like those mentioned above. We also suggest that you familiarise yourself with the rules of NASCAR races before trying anything since they can be somewhat complicated for anyone that isn’t American.

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John Bman
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