The Reason Behind the Virtual Esports

The esports that have been famous among others have become virtual. What can be the major reason behind it? The coronavirus, but it gave a positive effect on the esports industry. Let us look at how was esports during the pandemic and after it.

The hypercritical situation

The hypercritical situation of Coronavirus brought the whole world to a cease. The dynamic world became static. People were restricted to their homes and all the activities of life were stuck. The stadiums became dormant for two weeks and this period may extend depending on the situation occurring.

Even if the sports have been terminated but still there is a ray of hope. The void that has been created by this pandemic situation is deep but esports has filled this in many ways. The competitions are now rooted online making esports savior for the whole world. The world-famous tournaments are viewed while sitting in your homes.

Gambling and esports

All the competitions have become online. Streaming matches online via sites like Twitch and YouTube, pro leagues for games like League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Overwatch, and Call of Duty can have broadened their audience by showcasing its competitions to consumers. People have been choosing the betting sites  for gambling on esports like League of Legends, StarCraft, Dota 2, and others. The gambling activities done on fantasy esports have thrilled them.

Live audience after the pandemic

Esports is much different from traditional sports where financial assistance is necessary for covering the whole event. Esports only focuses on the live audience. People being quarantined dive into their mobile phones or Pc and esports is the entertaining option for them. No matter what the population is but a handsome number of audiences watch esports that grows the esports industry more.

Newbies in the virtual world of esports

The online audience has continued to grow over the past weeks as much of the world has stayed home to cope with the coronavirus outbreak. The audience has increased in numbers in the past two months. This is not the case in Wuhan only but the whole world. Now, many countries have been under this pandemic and are resultantly locked down. To escape the anxiety of this lockdown situation, people, go for esports.

New opportunities by the virtual esports

Now the people who have heard of esports, but may have not had time to check it out, has a chance to do to escape severe condition in the world. It has promoted opportunities for content creators, already celebrities to younger audiences. The school-age viewers are more into this since their educational institutions have been closed. In Italy, for example, there has been a 66-percent viewership spike in minutes watched from the first week of February to the past week when the national quarantine began, according to Stream Elements, a company that provides tools for streamers’ online broadcasts.


Esports is on safer grounds and has adapted to the pandemic phase effectively. It has proved to entertain the audience even more than earlier. People gamble on esports because of the most hyped game and earn millions. Whereas the virtual audience enjoys while sitting in their homes and this was observed during New Year’s Eve as well.

John Bman
John Bman
Founder and Owner of Tireball Sports.

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