Tigers change jersey logo, reveal caravan bus with old logo

In what has to be one of the silliest coincidences of the year, the Detroit Tigers announced today via Twitter that they were making the D on their jersey match the one which has been on their hat only to also show a photo of a caravan with the old logo ready to go great some fans.

Talk about a gut punch.

The Olde English D on the Tigers hat and jersey have not matched in, well frankly ever. It really has felt like the logo has been a constant change and confusion to some of us. So those who are not Tiger fans probably do not understand the attachment to the mismatch logo’s like those who have supported the team.

About a hour before the jersey announcement, the Tigers dropped a photo of what we can only assume is a bus wrapped before the announcement had been considered. Else it seems really silly to drive around with a bus hyping the team for the 2018 season while displaying a now defunct logo.

Well at-least the State of Michgan has the logo correct on it’s tags. Right?

Expected to compete for last in the AL Central, fans of the team are already blasting the decision as a way to get jersey sales. Though given the lack of big league talent on the club one has to wonder if even that argument is pointless because who would anyone buy a jersey of? Perhaps you’re better off buying a new t-shirt and holding onto that jersey money a little longer.

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