LSU QB Zach Mettenberger is taking just one class this semester

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How serious is Zach Mettenberger about football? He is taking just one class this semester.

The fifth-year quarterback will take only an online English class at LSU this year.

Mettenberger, who will start for the second consecutive season, is a fifth-year senior and needs only three hours to graduate in General Studies.

NCAA rules allow Mettenberger to take just one class as he needs just three more hours of course credit to graduate in his major.

So how exactly does Mettenberger spend his time?

“I woke up about eight, ran some errands, went to Dunkin’ Donuts, came over here (to the football facility), watched some film with my coffee,” Mettenberger said of his day. “About 11, I went to lunch, came back and watched film until practice. It’s just like if I was a coach or in the league (the NFL). I’m up here doing my homework, which is football pretty much.” said the quarterback to USA Today.

Mettenberger simply needs to avoid going over 20 hours of time he can spend with the football program to avoid an NCAA violation. He is free to do whatever he wants in regards to football on his own time without coaches.

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