Cassel and Quinn in quarterback competition for hapless Chiefs

When Matt Cassel was knocked out of a game against Baltimore two weeks ago fans cheered. The fans were Chief fans who had grown frustrated with the frequent turnovers and poor play of Cassel. It has been a long two years since Cassel appeared to be turning the franchise around. Now the franchise seems in utter disrepair.

Last week the Chiefs turned to Brady Quinn. Quinn took control of the Chiefs and wasted no time reminding fans why he has moved onto his third team since his star-studded days at Notre Dame. Quinn was accurate last Sunday but averaged just a handful of yards per pass as almost everything he completed was short and underneath.

“What I told them is I’m rotating the quarterbacks. They will get equal reps. Both of them will get work and then we’ll evaluate it and then next week we’ll get ready for game week and then we’ll make a decision and go from there.” is what head coach Romeo Crennel said on the situation.

A quarterback controversy midway though the season is what happens to bad teams. Kansas City is a bad team and it does not matter who the ball is snapped towards. The Chiefs are not going to turn things around  as the teams only true offense comes from handing the ball off to Jamaal Charles. The Chiefs have not scored an offensive touchdown in eight quarters.

The Chiefs do not play on Sunday but Crennel believes Cassel will be ready to play the following week against the Oakland Raiders.

“I feel great, yeah,” Cassel said. “I’ve passed all the tests and done all that.”

The quarterback also spoke positively of Chief fans. “All I’ll say is I live here year-round in Kansas City and I’ve had nothing but support from the people in Kansas City and the people that we’ve met,” Cassel said Tuesday. “The fact of the matter is Kansas City is a great place to play and we’ve got a passionate fan base. I’m sure they’re frustrated. I’m frustrated as well. But we’re working and doing everything in our power to get it corrected.”

John Boarman
John Boarman
Founder and Owner of Tireball Sports.

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