Friday, March 24, 2023

Rumors will continue until Zipadelli returns as Stewart’s crew chief

Have you heard the rumor? You know which one. The one what Greg Zipadelli will be the crew chief for Tony Stewart.

Yep. I have heard it. I heard it yesterday. I heard it this off season. I heard it last year. I have heard it since Tony Stewart left Joe Gibbs Racing.

This rumor will continue. And there are plenty of reasons for it to continue. Greg Zipadelli no longer needs to leave the confines of JGR. He is already signed with Stewart Hass Racing (SHR)  and is the part time crew chief of Danica Patrick, a role he will not return to in 2013. Instead Zipadeli will continue to serve as the competition director of SHR? Hmm.

Together Stewart and Zipadelli won two Sprint Cup titles. Last season Stewart fired Darian Grubb and that was while the pairing was on their way to running the Sprint Cup Series title and five of the last ten races. Hmm.

This is a case of a rumor that will not go away until it happens. It may never happen but it will never go away.

There is just too much history between the parties involved and too many signs pointing to it’s inevitability.

Stewart downplayed the rumor yesterday as part of a Mobile 1 promotion at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Considering he was driving a tank I doubt many people were going to question him.

“No, that’s not true,” Stewart said during a promotion for sponsor Mobil 1 at Charlotte Motor Speedway. “That’s the first I’ve even heard about it. Nobody has thought about that or discussed that. We’re pretty comfortable where we’re at with our lineup right now.”

Here is what we do know heading into 2013. Zipadelli will not crew chief any races for Danica Patrick as she transitions into a full time Sprint Cup Series schedule.

So just try and convince me that this rumor will die. I do not see it happening. Why should it?

John Boarman
John Boarman
Founder and Owner of Tireball Sports.

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