A.J Allmendinger releases statement on positive drug test

A.J Allmendinger’s B test came back positive for the same banned substance as his original failed test which occurred during the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series weekend at Kentucky.

The following statement was made on Allmendingers website:

Charlotte, NC (July 24, 2012)-

Aegis Analytical Laboratories in Nashville has delivered the results of the “B” sample test for
Penske Racing driver AJ Allmendinger, which confirmed the results of  the “A” test.

“This was not the news we wanted to hear and we will work to get to the source of what may have caused this. To that end, we have secured the services of an independent lab to conduct thorough testing on every product within AJ’s home and motor coach to find what might collaborate with his test, which created results that  were within nanograms  of  accepted standards. We are working closely with NASCAR and Penske Racing to identify the next action steps in this process.  We continue to be extremely grateful by the breadth and scope of support for AJ from his fans and partners. We would like to again thank NASCAR, Penske Racing and all our sponsor partners for the open communication, and for helping us at every step in this process. We expect to have further updates in the upcoming days.”

-Tara Ragan, Vice President, Walldinger Racing Inc.

If Allmendinger wishes to continue his racing career in NASCAR he will have to complete NASCAR’s Road to Recovery program. He becomes just the highest profile driverbanned indefinitely by the sport since Jeremy Mayfield.

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  1. At this point, I’m not convinced that Allmendinger did anything wrong. I’ll reserve judgement till more evidence comes forth. Some over the counter drugs and other substances can cause false positives. I’m not sure if they’ve been able to refine the test yet, but it used to be that poppy seeds on a bagle could cause you to test positive for opium.

    With Mayfield, it was meth and he had thousands of dollars of stolen property in his home. Mentioning him in the same story as Allmendinger at this point is a little premature.

  2. I hope that if AJ has taken some form of substance known to the world as an illegal drug that he stops saying ” I don’t know what happened” and tells the whole truth. In this day and age there’s actually a heck of alot of respect that can be gained for honesty and thereby recovery. AJ’s recovery could be so powerful and potentially life altering for many people having witnessed the loss,,the humiliation and then his outspoken humility, his humanity and contagious honesty. I can’t be the only one to see this right? I wouldn’t wait 1 single day to tell the truth,,,in fact he’s waited a bit too long already having the B sample tested,,,IDK I just hope the best for him as long as he is honest to us all,,IF HE IS LIEING then sadly he will be leaving us by way of the Mayfield fast lane. I’d rather admit I’d taken something than fight it like Mayfield did..heck Mayfield would’vbe been better off to just say he needed some help and he’d be driving in NASCAR today as a recovered role model I guess now we will see if AJ has true balls or not.

  3. I truly hope that whatever ALJ has consumed as a drug is something that he did not know was there, such as an energy drink. The list of sh_t in some of these things we consume is “off the chart”. AJ has been around for a long time in racing and is used to winning. If he thought a little “pick me up” would help him win races, then good bye.

  4. I dont know what is wrong with half the people that are throwing AJ under the bus the truth is if they took the same test they woud test positive also and they would be saying the same thing I dont know what it could be!!! Wake up people the crap that manufactures put in food and suppliments is mind twisting banned substances are in everything that thing the general public consumes and we dont even know it!!!! Read some of your lables and you will see of course you are the same people that go out and get drunk on Saturday night and go to church on Sunday morning and beg for forgiveness!!! Get real!!!!!

  5. What amazes me is how quickly people are jumping on the “Let’s compare AJ to Jeremy” or the “He’s guilty” bandwagon.
    Somehow I don’t think there is even a comparison possible in this situation.
    I will continue to believe in and support AJ until I’m shown solid proof that he did something wrong.
    ” … which created results that were within nanograms of accepted standards …” That statement right there tells me a lot.
    Don’t be so quick to judge.

  6. As a racer and having the opportunity to do something most guys wish for, should have been a little more aware of what was legal and what was not for Nascar drivers. Especially after what happened to Jeremy Mayfield. He needed to be a little more diligent about the rules! Good luck AJ.

  7. in any area, business or sport with millions on the table there are always backstabbers lurking. sprinkle in the drink or food then the anonomous phone call to the appropiate person. do you really think they are all good guys? nascar and their sponsors run the whole thing lilke the gestapo. everyone is to afraid to say anything that doesnt kiss their asses.. i am giving a j the benefit of a doubt, does anyone know the back story? was he a known drug user or not? shot down on nanogram pretty much blows

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