Are the Inanimate Objects under attack?

If you’ve been on twitter you’ve seen one. An inanimate object or a parody account. These accounts often are a play on a phrase or give life to something that cannot speak. In the NASCAR twitter world there are a hundred or so of these accounts, and growing by the day as new accounts featuring driver cars appear.

Nearly all of the accounts are in good spirit and there to provide a laugh to a NASCAR fan or provide information.

Today I was alerted to the first known instance of Twitter forcing one of these ‘objects’ to change their username. The user formally known as NASCAR_EFI was locked out of their account and sent an email stating that they had 48 hours to change their name.

This instantly rose questions. Questions that no one can answer. Exactly who is putting the heat on Twitter? Is it a self serving policy or was it NASCAR? Also where does the line get drawn?

Was it something that NASCAR_EFI said? Or is it something that will eventually come to anyone with NASCAR in their name?

It is certainly odd because NASCAR was the first sport to jump both feet onto Twitter. They took notice of the inanimate objects and television personnel even promoted them at times.

NASCAR_EFI has said he will not fight the issue. He will simply change his name. He even joking referenced Tony Stewart’s dislike of the electronic fuel intake system as a possible reason for having to make the change.

Clearly there is lots of speculation to be had. Few details will arise and without more incidents in the near future it may be forgotten. Only time will tell if this is an isolated instance or the start of something more.


NASCAR_EFI is now vowing “WTH I’ll stick it to the man

After claiming Bon Jovi’s “Down in a Blaze of Glory” to be his anthem, NASCAR_EFI’s account was deleted on Saturday.



John Bman
John Bman
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