Can shenanigans of Menard give Harvick a title?

It’s been an eventful year for Paul Menard. Menard joined Richard Childress Racing following a two year stay at Yates Racing/Richard Petty Motorsports. The move to RCR had been talked about for two years as Menards’ father the owner of mid-west hardware chain Menards wanted his his son to drive for what he termed a superior team.

Menard had never won a Sprint Cup race, his lone NASCAR victory had been on the Nationwide Series at Milwaukee. Menard finally found victory lane in a Cup car at Indianapolis of all places, a place his father had sponsored cars for years and never found victory lane. That victory came from using a different pit strategy, staying out on older tires and ultimately at the expense of Jeff Gordon who finished second. Those were three points that Gordon would be denied when the Chase starts at Chicagoland.

Step back a few weeks. Menard assisted teammate Kevin Harvick at Charlotte by pushing him around the track to help him save fuel. This move raised some questions because Menard was not the car who was supposed to be directly behind Harvick but nothing was ever said by NASCAR. The result was a win for Kevin Harvick as Kasey Kahne and then Dale Earnhardt ultimately ran out of gas. Maybe it’s worth noting that Harvick’s teammate Jeff Burton brought out the final caution by sliding though the grass.

Fast forward to last week at Richmond. Jeff Gordon seemingly had the race in hand. When the caution came out for Menard spinning into the grass it allowed his teammate Kevin Harvick a chance to catch back up and win the race. Gordon said he was not surprised to see a RCR car in the grass and suddenly the questions began being asked.

Is RCR and Paul Menard trying to alter the 2011 title Chase? Thus far Harvick has been able to take advantage of 2 victories due to actions of Paul Menard. That’s 6 points on the field, a swing that could have been 3 prior to Saturday night. If Gordon had of one the race he’d actually be ahead of Harvick in the standings. Gordon would be tied with Kyle Busch at 2012 with Harvick 3 points behind Gordon.

Instead NASCAR has done nothing to silence concerns that cars outside the Chase could alter things. What if we are at a point where Carl Edwards is about to go a lap down and the crew radios to David Ragan to cause a ruckus? Joey Logano could slam into the leader or make some payback to aide Kyle Busch or Denny Hamlin. If Dale Jr falls out of the chase would he be above giving a hand to Gordon or Jimmie Johnson by similar actions? Could Ryan Newman or Tony Stewart help one another by expiring an engine on a restart to cause another green white checker?

Something does not add up with the radio transmissions of the #27 car but Kevin Harvick is all smiles because he’s the guy getting the points.

John Bman
John Bman
Founder and Owner of Tireball Sports.


  1. As long as NASCAR turns a blind eye, Childress’ teams will continue to have their phantom “tire” problems. The shenanigans of the 27 team at Richmond were as clear as day and only more so by the radio chatter and the sudden change in channels. Why does Menard care where the 24 and the 29 are running if he isn’t even in the race anymore? Paul Menard is not the angel that Richard Childress wants you to believe with his pathetic “no team orders” statement. It is clear that the championship is becoming a “team” championship and not an individual driver. Whose team plays the dirtiest will be the winner. SAAAD! I’m not saying that the outsiders should quit racing, but to have purposely ordered spins and other “shenanigans” impact the outcome. Maybe RCR and Harvick are so desperate that this is the only way the think they have a fighting chance to win.

  2. Wa Wa Wa… If it was Gibbs teams, Hendricks teams or any other team than Childress fans would be crying foul also. This is just the way this sport is now. Is it right???????? All I’m saying is they ALL do the same thing in one form or another. I’m a Harvick fan so of coarse I’m happy. Next week when Gordon or Bush or whoever does whatever, I’m going to be upset. In todays Nascar it is what it is.

  3. lmao… it has always been this way, just ask Kyle Petty. It’s no new development. The sport hasn’t “lost its way.” The spin doesn’t matter. The 24 had a chance to beat him off pit road and also had a chance to make proper adjustments for a short run and beat him on track… he just got his butt whipped. I can’t count how many “debris” cautions have occurred that helped certain drivers late in races. Quit whining.

  4. Harvick knew 24 was the better car on long runs no doubt. His only hope at the time of the spin that “didn’t matter” was to get a caution. The adjustments you speak of would have cost too much time on pit road. Didn’t see a “butt-whipping” just shady tactics by a team owner who hasn’t seen a trophy in ??? years.

  5. Shar is obviously talking trash about harvick because his driver, whom ever that might be, ist doing so great. Kevin Harvick is the best driver in nascar by far. he is the most consistant and he always finishes good. People like shar should appreciate that and stop whining. harvick will win the title this year. go harvick.

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