Damon on vacation, deal not imminent

For those hoNew York Yankees v Philadelphia Phillies, Game 5ping to see a resolution to the Johnny Damon saga that has controlled baseball headlines the last few weeks… I guess we are still waiting.

It’s Friday evening, Damon is on vacation, and Scott Boras has four teams talking to him.

It’s not going away.

Not till next week rolls around at-least and even then it’ll be a dog and pony show.

Currently it’s said that the Tigers are in at two years and $14 million. The Braves have offered a one year deal with up to $5 million in total money, the Rays have a telephone and Kenny Williams of the White Sox is doing his best to remind people that just because he said something two weeks ago it has no bearing on today since other teams are doing the same thing.

Worst of all is Monday is a holiday so… we are probably looking at Tuesday for anything near official.

John Bman
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