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BefoBaltimore Ravens at Indianapolis Coltsre I head out to church and Wal-Mart I figured I’d take the time to make a blog post before the AFC Championship game. Obviously here in Indiana the game is a big deal.

I can’t help but repeat something I head on the radio the other day.

On 670 the Score they were talking about how you never hear any backlash against Peyton Manning like you do of players like Brett Favre and Phillip Rivers etc.

Obviously Peyton has kept himself out of the negative headlines and has someone eluded the backlash of simply being the best player at his position in his sport.

Anyway one caller called in and said the following.

“I don’t like Peyton Manning. The whole family looks like they are missing a chromosome.”

Now that is funny.

The Colts aren’t my favorite team though they are my wifes. I gotta admit I am a Peyton Manning fan though. I’d wear a Peyton jersey, which is odd considering I would never wear a Tony Romo Cowboys jersey even though they are my favorite team.

Now that’s character.

* * *

Anyway you may have noticed that I removed the glider that featured hot topics. Mainly because it had become a pain to update and always seemed to have a story that was nearly two weeks old at the end of it.

John Bman
John Bman
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  1. The colts are headed back to the superbowl! Peyton demonstrated yesterday precisely why he is the top quarterback in the NFL. The Jets put up a heck of a fight and I believe they have a pretty great young quarterback in Sanchez. This ought to wind up becoming one of the most offensively exciting superbowl matches in history.

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