Bills, Weis share mutual interest

Notre Dame v StanfordAccording to WIVB in Buffalo the Bills have contacted former Notre Dame head coach Charlie Weis. Weis is reportably interested in the position most recently held by Dick Juron.

Juron was let go two weeks ago after a 24-33 record that spanned the 2006-2009 seasons. Perry Fewell has been coaching the Bills with the intern title.

In five seasons at Notre Dame, Weis went 35-27 but produced just one bowl victory in three chances and  finished this season with four staright losses to Navy, Pittsburgh, Connecticut and Stanford.

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File me as a bit surprised. I didn’t think Weis would go from fired Notre Dame coach to NFL head coach. I figured Weis, who is a respected offensive mind, would have his pick of offensive coordinator positions but this is a step up from that.

Weis’ biggest knock while at Notre Dame is that he never recruited and developed defensive personnel but with the structure in the NFL being what it is (ala Weis wouldn’t have to focus on the defense and could leave it to a coordinator and after all a GM does ultimately

pick the players), and the Bills being as bad as they are offensively you think that a marriage of the two wouldn’t be as bad as it first looks.z

John Bman
John Bman
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