Pieces falling into place, Mears or Menard in 07?

Food City 500 PracticeThe answer figures to come soon. Who will drive the 07 car in 2010? Current driver Casey Mears and Richard Childress Racing publicly have stated they’d all like to see the partnership continue but sponsorship is a sticking point.

In recent days sources revealed to Fox Sports that Ask.com could come aboard the 07 car for a partial schedule which would seem to suggest that Mears would be returning. However it’s also worth noting with the recent crew changes, Doug Randolph is the new crew chief for the 07 car and in the past was the crew chief for Paul Menard when the two were a part of Dale Earnhardt Inc.

Menard would bring full time sponsorship to the 07 car should he fill the seat currently occupied by Mears. John Menard, the owner of Menards, is said to want his son to drive the 07 car next season at RCR while Paul would like to finish out his contract in the 98 car.

Price Chopper 400 QualifyingThe above statement is curious as it only leads minds to wonder. John Menard obviously wants to see the car which he is paying for to be competitive and I would assume Paul has the same desires. The fact that Paul is interested in finishing out his contract in the 98 car begs two questions to be asked once you get past the initial rhetorical why?

Is Paul Menard wanting to finish out his contract in the 98 to shush critics that say he’s only in a car due to his fathers money or does he really believe that with the merger between Yates Racing and Richard Petty Motorsports that he would be more competitive in his current ride?

It’s easy to say Menard’s 2009 season is partially a result of a move from Dale Earnhardt Inc to Yates Racing. But is it better to race again with the team he was with this season and talk about 2011 later or would he be better served to go ahead and switch rides now?

I figure we’ll soon see what’s in store for these drivers and more.

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