Colt McCoy, Heisman? Really… just beat OU

Louisiana Monroe v TexasOk I’m not sure where all the Colt McCoy Heisman Trophy talk is coming from the last few days. It seems like everyone is trying to play up the “big” match-up between unbeaten Texas and their rivals Oklahoma.

As a fan of Texas and a person who does not like Oklahoma football I’ll sum up all that needs to be said about this game.

Two all-time teams who met 103 times in a series of classic games like last seasons classic game that was so great it has it’s own page on wikipedia. Texas needs to beat Oklahoma if they want to have any chance at a National Championship this season and Oklahoma is looking to avenge last seasons loss.

The end.

No where did I mention that Sam Bradford is returning, because had Sam Bradford not appeared in this game that would be really odd considering his performance last week. I also didn’t mention Colt¬† McCoy’s Heisman credentials because to be frank if he can’t beat Oklahoma this year he don’t deserve anything.

Let’s be honest people are trying to play up McCoy’s season when in reality he’s looked well not the same Colt McCoy we saw last season. His rating is down as are his TD’s while his INT’s are up. Even his running game has looked bad,he’s gone from 561 yards last season and a 4.1 average to 58 yards and a 1.7 avg this season.

I’m not saying Colt McCoy is a bad QB or anything of the like. It’s just he put up better numbers last season and frankly talking about the Heisman trophy just because he’s on the number two team in the country as they play one of the biggest rivalries in college football. A rivalry so big it’s played at a neutral site and is the highlight of the Texas State Fair.

Heisman? Oh come on.

John Bman
John Bman
Founder and Owner of Tireball Sports.

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