Gracie Gold accepts prom request


via Good Morning America/Getty Images

United States figure skater Gracie Gold has accepted Dyer Pettijohn’s request to attend his prom.

Gold, 18,  left Sochi with a bronze medal in the team figure skating event and will now be trading in her ice skates for a pair of heels.

Pettijohn made a emphatic plea for Gold to attend the prom with him in a YouTube video and it has paid off.

On Wednesday night’s “Extra” Gold was surprised when the 17-year-old boy approached her with a bouquet of flowers.

“Gracie, would you go to prom with me?” he asked.

“If it works out, I would love to,” Gold responded.

We have seen these type of date both work and fall apart in the past. For what it is worth Dyer is excited.

“I am so happy that she has been so nice about everything, especially since she didn’t know I was surprising her,” Dyer wrote to “She is just as nice and kind (and gorgeous) on and off camera. She is a really down to Earth person.”