Bode Miller defends NBC reporters line of questions following bronze medal win


A lot of people were upset after NBC reporter Christin Cooper repeatedly pressed Alpine Skier Bode Miller on his deceased brother. Miller began to cry and ended the interview with Miller.

But Miller has taken to twitter to ask everyone to lay off of Cooper.

Thanks for all the support, today was one of the most emotional days of my life. I miss my brother.

I appreciate everyone sticking up for me. Please be gentle w christin cooper, it was crazy emotional and not all her fault. #heatofthemoment

My emotions were very raw, she asked the questions that every interviewer would have, pushing is part of it, she wasnt trying to cause pain.

Miller then defended her again on NBC’s Today Show.

I’ve known Christin a long time and she’s a sweetheart of a person. I know she didn’t mean to push—I don’t think she really anticipated what my reaction was going to be and I think by the time she sort of realized it, I think it was too late. And I don’t really blame her at all but I feel terrible that she’s taking the heat for that because really, it was just a heat of the moment kind of circumstance and I don’t think there was any harm intended. It was just a lot of emotion for me.