Podladtchikov wins halfpipe Gold, Shaun White fourth; full Olympic snowboarding results

Iouri Podladtchikov

Iouri Podladtchikov, 25, representing Switzerland claimed the Olympic gold medal in Men’s Halfpipe on Tuesday.

Shaun White of the United States was the last snowboarder down the halfpipe but could not break into the medals after a sloppy set of runs. White, 27,  had won the last two Olympic gold medals in Men’s halfpipe.

White had been the gold standard in the sport with his reign over the X Games halted this year only by his decision to focus on the Olympics. Prior to the Olympics, White abandoned plans of competing in the Snowboarding Slopestyle.

Ayumu Hirano and Taku Hiraoka of Japan claimed the silver and bronze medals.

American’s Danny Davis and Gregory Bretz finished tenth and twelfth, respectively.

Full Results for Men’s Halfpipe for Sochi

Rank Country Name Best Score
2 JPN Ayumu HIRANO 93.50
3 JPN Taku HIRAOKA 92.25
4 USA Shaun WHITE 90.25
5 SUI David HABLUETZEL 88.50
6 CHN Yiwei ZHANG 87.25
7 CHN Wancheng SHI 81.00
8 SLO Tim-Kevin RAVNJAK 72.25
9 AUS Kent CALLISTER 68.50
10 USA Danny DAVIS 53.00
11 SUI Christian HALLER 51.50
12 USA Gregory BRETZ 26.50